Offer Pragmatism with Integrity.

Message from director

Message from the Director

What inspired me to promote our company's English website

Thank you very much for visiting the Rep1. corporate website. The company was established in 2004 as a temporary IT engineer staff employment agency for large corporations and as an IT service provider for medium and small businesses.

The company established connections with a foreign corporations in 2007 but has a distinct culture and development environment. Our goal now is to expand our services to customers on a worldwide scale.

Japan, a Far East island nation, has a unique history of development as a country. World War II ended more than 70 years ago. At first glance, the world seems to be entering a cycle of peaceful repetition and generation. However, there are a variety of disputes and distortions caused by a hunger for power and never-ending tensions between globalism and protectionism.

Modern society chiefly demands knowledge, information, and a service industry. The current era requires facts instead of products. Facts are accumulated as assets of an individual employee instead of the company. The company’s mission is to secure human resources that can implement ideas and carry out tasks. We opened our English website as a convenient contact for foreign corporations where we can display our 15 years of comprehensive accumulation of expertise in providing the appropriate human resources.

Offer Pragmatism with Integrity.

Rep1 Corp.

Our 15 years of business in Japan means we have substantial experience. We receive questions about industries and conventions in Japan at the same time.

  • How different would our experience be if we offered services in English?
  • How different would our perspective be if the other party were a foreign company?

I fostered such thoughts. Then, I decided to develop an English website to make it more convenient for companies in foreign countries. Since the establishment of the company, I have valued the following ideals:

  • Pragmatism: Being practical, effective
  • Integrity: Being candid

I thus created the slogan: Offer Pragmatism with Integrity.
The most important elements are to set the appropriate conditions, disclose and share information, and to simply proceed with the tasks.

Where is your PEAK ?

The company revamped its logotype and slogan in 2017, the 14th period. Mountain climbing is one of my hobbies. The feeling when standing on a peak after passing through the various stages of preparation and planning and when descending the mountain while storing knowledge of the trip can only be understood by those who have accomplished the same.

We have what has come into sight and what happened to come into sight after the passage of time. Why, where, with whom, and how will I proceed? The evolution from an entrepreneur to a businessperson is the challenge for Rep1. Corporation and me.

The company name is derived from the following:

Rep: Representative

One: Number one, only one

Rep1 is a coined term combining the words listed above.

What I am thinking

  • My growth leads to the company’s growth. (The capacity of a representative director determines the company’s capacity.)
  • My smile leads to smiles of staff members. (The representative director sets the tone for the company.)
  • Staff growth leads to company growth. (The total of the employees' power is equal to that of the company’s.)
  • I would like customers to think that it’s good for them to ask Rep1. Corp.
  • I would like our personnel to think that it’s good for them to join Rep1. Corp.
  • I would like subcontractors to think that it’s good for them to work for Rep1. Corp.

I therefore try to make the company attractive.

January 1, 2019 KENJI FUKUTA