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Two kinds of services

Two issues that Rep1 can contribute

Rep1 solves the following two issues regarding IT.

  • 1. Manpower

    • Lack of staff
    • Staff mismatch

    Employee leasing
    (dispatching / placing staffs)

    We dispatch required employees for the required period.

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    (Employee leasing)

  • 2. A job

    • Don’t do it.
    • Can’t do it.

    Dealer business
    (IT service)

    The company directly sells goods and renders a service.

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    (IT Service)

*For the scope of the company’s business, see the following.

The company can contribute:

Employee leasing (dispatching / placing staff)
Engineers in each area and level, server, network, cloud, and development
Dealer business (IT service)
Hearing, solution proposal, sales of goods, design, construction, and operation

The company doesn’t do the following:

  • Employee leasing (dispatching / placing staff)

    • Unreasonable matching
    • Unnecessary sales
    • Unreasonable selling price, setting gross income
    • Excessive business customs like being on site on the incoming day
    • Asking too much for job continuation in case of mismatch
  • Dealer business (IT service)

    • Aggressive sales, recommendation
    • Judging based on conditions and situations, unnecessary response
    • Unreasonable selling price, setting gross income
    • Estimation whose items and reasons are not clear
    • Not compliant to the agreement regarding delivery, costs, and quality
    • Not completing a contracted job

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