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Three reasons for choosing us

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Three reasons for choosing us

  1. A company where people draw more people and work draws work.
  2. Selecting members is the most important for a project’s success.
  3. QCD+S:Expectations agreement in advance

1.A company where people draw more people and work draws work.

We have offered these two services since our 2004 establishment.

  1. Dispatching and Introducing temporary IT engineer staff to large corporations.
  2. IT services provider for medium and small businesses

Our business relation start with:

Inquiries and recommendations from customers

Represents a major part. We seldom do seles on our own.

A company that chosen by customers with no sales tactics.

This is our principle. Our mission is to secure operations with passions and obtain recommendations and a reputation.

We come to an agreement carefully in advance and implement a project without unreasonable or waste, which leads to repeated commission based on customers’ confidence.

The staff turnover rate has drastically decreased as a result of enhancement of “wages and benefits” and management of Trial & Error.(See our passions.)

We aim to obtain satisfaction within and outside the company, operating in a simple manner with persistence.

2.Selecting members is essential for a project’s success.

Three major reasons of outsourcing are as follows;

  1. Can’t do it, Won’t do it. (Beyond one’s field of expertise)
  2. Not profitable (Skilled enough but not profitable)
  3. Not enough members (Lack of manpower)

In our service,

  • Worker dispatch is applicable to No. 2 and 3 above.
  • IT dealer is applicable to No. 1 above.

Such are the reasons why they choose our company. A project’s success depends on the selection of the first member.

  • If you select a member (operator) who doesn’t achieve our goal,

The project success becomes difficult. We securely come to an advance agreement with our customers based on QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) plus S as follows.

3.QCD+S:Expectations agreement in advance

We place importance on “QCD plus S”. Those four elements are “Constraints of a project’s achievement”.

  1. Q = Quality
  2. C = Cost
  3. D = Delivery
  4. S = Scope

“Expectations agreement in advance” in four items is most important. We never say, “Yes, we can do it” or “We’ll do it” when something is beyond our capabilities.

Our customers are satisfied with the results, leading to repeated commissions based on a firm expectations agreement in advance by both parties.