Offer Pragmatism with Integrity.

Our Passions


"A company is a group of people that work together to make profits, not a group of people in the same boat."

A company is a tool to enjoy one's life, that is, a means to an end. We run the company on a simple level by sharing figures, time, and proper nouns with those involved.

  • We conduct business in a way that is not impossible, reckless, or wasteful.

    We do not make or create products, services, or rules that can not be operated.
    Naturally, we do not sell such things, either.

  • Candid opinions prioritized

    Humans pay lip service while hiding their real intentions.
    We discuss candidly, rather than offer insincere support.

  • Honest, Humble, Positive

    Honesty keeps the costs of sharing information low.
    We humbly accept feedback from others and make corrections as necessary.
    Our positivity allows us to persist.

  • Why we do it is more important than what we do now.

    "Strategical errors cannot be covered by tactics and operations."
    We first discuss the right goals and methodology by scrutinizing the background.

  • Dots > Lines > Dimension

    • Why do we do it?
    • What will we do?
    • What will happen next?
    • How do we do it?

    Observing the conditions and gathering facts allows us to provide work with a long-term perspective, imaginative and applied skill.

  • Midair battle > Ground battle > Chart battle

    In meetings, it is important for attendees to reach a consensus on every topic.
    There are never "No logging" and "No decisions" exist in the meeting.There may be cases where it reaches to making no decisions.Also, we use tables and figures to organize our thoughts.

  • Facts, figures, time, proper nouns

    While diversity is permitted in the interpretation of arts, it is important in business to narrow down the scope of interpretation by quantifying information.

  • Digitalizing First

    We no longer follow the traditional paper-based, roundtable approval.