Offer Pragmatism with Integrity.

For more details (Service for employee leasing/clients)

Services for corporations

"Provide a required engineer when necessary." We introduce our service from the customer point of view.

System Engineer Service (SES)

We dispatch a suitable engineer and let him/her be stationed at your office. We respond to various conditions such as employee leasing and contracts.

Choose employee leasing and work-made-for-hire agreements.

Difference between "Employee leasing contract" and "Work-made-for-hire agreements" for business support

  • Lack of manpower (Employee leasing)
  • Delegation of tasks (Work made for hire)

Please choose based on above.

  • When you need manpower, choose "Temporary staff dispatch".

  • When a company needs manpower, Rep1 dispatches an engineer. Direct order from your person responsible to a worker is possible. Clients shall handle business management, such as managing temporary staff. We dispatch the required number of employees for the required period.

    Ex.) Manpower support for server construction and operation, etc.

  • Choose "Outsourcing" if delegation by task is needed.

  • If you want to delegate tasks by business application or project, Rep1 undertakes them entirely. The company is obligated to implement and deliver a project. The company manages all employees.

    Ex.) Outsourcing comprehensive tasks such as Network operation and maintenance, ISMS, and ITIL introduction support.

Our attention to our customers

A company that people choose, rather than one that promotes itself.

We have been developing our business since its establishment in 2004, mainly responding to inquiries from customers and being introduced by them. The company is not showy but proceeds step by step with customers met by chance.

Please see the following for how the company attends to customers.

Technical rank and fee for employee leasing

Engineers are ranked according to experience, knowledge, and with or without licenses, referring to ITSS. We suggest an engineer with clear costs.

Tasks responsible for, rank list (unit: one engineer per month: 1 million)

S class

15 years or more

A class

5 to 15 years

B class

3 to 5 years

C class

Infrastructure design, construction support From 1.0 From 0.8 From 0.6 n/a
System operation and maintenance support From 0.8 From 0.8 From 0.6 From 0.4
Application development support Requirement definition From 1.0100万円~ From 0.8 From 0.6 n/a
Programmer From 0.8 From 0.6 From 0.4
Others 0.6 0.7

Track record

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"Need an engineer suddenly" "Need to delegate a job to someone." The company responds to various requests.

Period of selecting and suggesting an engineer: Within about two weeks to one month

Period of preparation for undertaking: about two months

The company offers various types of engineering and levels, defining QCD plus S and according to the agreement.

1. Introduction, design, construction and operation of server and network

We suggest an engineer who constructs information systems that enable efficient business. A rich experienced engineer supports your business from planning and introduction of design, construction and operation server design, storage, and network environment to product release.

Main support businesses

Handling systems in the cloud and on-site
Parameter setting for various servers, network equipment and data base constructions
(Web, mail, proxy, data base, rooter, and switch, etc.)
Network environment construction
(LAN, WAN, VPN, and wireless LAN etc.)
Environment construction for high reliability and high availability
(Load sharing, cluster configuration, back-up operation, process monitoring, security implementation, etc.)
Operation design

2. System operation and maintenance support

We support non-stop operations 24 hours, 365 days. We support ITIL introduction.
An engineer will be suggested for stable maintenance of a system after the start of full operation.
An engineer familiar with the customer’s system environment (configuration, operating procedure, and introduced equipment) handles the operating phase and provides support to ensure, enhance and stabilize operating service level. The company is a promotion company compliant with ITIL. Please delegate us to create an operation flow compliant with ITIL. We are the top when it comes to professional engineer dispatching for operation and maintenance.

Main support businesses

  • Monitoring and control of system in operation (using network monitoring products)
  • Trouble separation and recovery
  • Support to investigate root causes
  • System environment analysis
  • Suggesting system environment and operation flow amendment, modification and improvement
  • Support ITIL introduction and operation
  • Inquiry reception (Tel, on-site, remote)

3. Application development support

We support application development.
We suggest an engineer who develops software and applications that connect business and information systems.
We can handle multiple platforms, such as Windows, UNIX, and Linux. All environments including the latest and popular programming languages, such as Java, .NET is applicable.

Chief development (major language)

  • Search system, WebAPI, stock control system and many other systems
  • Python, php, JAVA

4. Other support services

Information system-related business such as help desk, client computer management, and document preparation are supported.

Call center, client computer manager

A great deal of manpower is needed in certain areas to operate a company’s information system. For example, call center and help desk work require many staff members. In such cases, engineers who can handle tasks according to procedure even though the skill level is comparatively low are recommended.
When many client computers are in operation, a certain task occurs when relocating sections or updating a system. End user internal jobs are supported, such as setting up a computer, asset management such as licenses and leases, and operation of a help desk for a certain application.

Main support businesses

  • Call center (making and receiving calls)
  • System trouble monitoring
  • Primary trouble separation
  • Setting up and deploying client computers
  • Asset leasing management of client computers
  • Fixing client computers

Track record

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