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Rep1’s IT dealer service

The company directly sells goods and renders a service.

Dedicated staff

A dedicated staff member promotes a project for realizing your request.


We are targeting corporations that have up to 10 offices in the world.

Business area

We can offer our service in the following areas, securing our service and narrowing the business area.

Kansai area: Osaka City, Suita City, Ibaraki City, Amagasaki City, Kyoto City
Kanto area: 23 Wards of Tokyo, in the peripheral of Shin-Yokohama
Tokai area: Nagoya City


We can offer the following service. Please feel free to contact us.

Categorizing Contents Background
Sales of goods OA-related sales Computer sales Providing hints for suitable equipment if necessary
Providing guidance for choosing equipment and purchase
Other OA equipment sales
Service Infrastructure, Cloud Network adjustment, modification, and performance enhancement Need to unveil the office network.
Need to connect the network among offices. etc.
Introduction of wireless LAN Need to use wireless LAN
Use of cloud server instead of existing server. Need to reduce operating costs.
Introduction of server File sharing, coordination with overseas companies
Security Enhancement of security Need to contain proper security according to necessity.
Services introduction Support for cloud service introduction Need to introduce service for efficient business, but don’t know how.
Office relocation Management and implementation of OA equipment regarding office relocation Need to open an office, relocate.
Support IT operation support
Branch support Support offices without IT skilled staff.
Project progress Support for project progress Need to support a stagnated project owing to lack of manpower.
Advice Objective advice, Information collecting Need to be given an estimate or some advice on our proposal by a third party.

Track record

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