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Job Openings

Bases for setting wages and values

Pricing is of utmost importance in business. There are three basic methods for companies to price products and services. For consideration,

  • Competitor: Compare with other shops' prices
  • Costs: cost + profit
  • Brand value: Additional unique value

Similarly, for wages,

  • Competitor: Compare with other companies, other people, and the market
  • Profit: Use the profit made by the person as the standard.
  • Brand value: Not the current profit, but whether the person is needed.

We are working towards wages 10% higher than other companies and not beating down prices.

CPI Awareness

Companies should be aware of consumer price indices (CPIs) and currency values affected by inflation and deflation.

Companies consider what kind of impact salary/price elasticity (impact of an increase/decrease in salary) they should have, using their finance features.

For inflation, which causes currency values to decrease, raise salaries in general.

For deflation, which causes currency values to increase, there is no need to raise salaries.

Should salary rates also not fluctuate as long as currency values fluctuate?

Positions Available

Foreign nationals are not discriminated against. However, candidates must meet the requirement of JLPT N1 or N2.

Position Networking engineer
Salary Team structure that allows for an average annual salary of 5.5+ million yen. We have staff working who can provide high-value services that are worth their salaries.
Application deadline Throughout the year
Basic characteristics of an ideal candidate
Experience operating a network operating system, experience with UNIX, Cisco, virtualization, cloud computing (AWS, Azure), and other network equipment operation.

Individuals who have experience with the implementation of a system, not those who merely taught themselves or know how to use commands.

We hire up to one person per year from among enthusiastic candidates who taught themselves and have no experience.

Experience building a system, experience and ability to build and administer company networks.
Must have an experience and skills that are strengths, such as a specialist of a particular product.
Project management skills/communication skills
Self-management, progress management, team management, task-organizing and other skills.
Individuals who can recognize those involved in their work and can report, notify, and discuss with them in a way that is easy for them to understand.

Individuals with business and other kinds of manners and morals.

Health:Must be healthy both physically and mentally.

Requirements Middle level
(Annual salary of 5.5 million yen or more)
5+ years of experience with routing, switching, server management.
Experience with the implementation and operation of various IT products as well as systems as a team lead.
Must be able to launch and manage systems and projects from ground zero.
Junior level
(Annual salary of 4 million yen or more)
1 to 3 years of experience with routing, switching, server management.
Experience with the implementation and operation of various IT products.
Must have experience with the implementation and operation of systems as a member of a team.
Network administration-related qualifications, Japan's national IT qualifications
Vendor-certified qualifications, ITIL Foundation, CCNA, CCNP, etc.

Condition of Employment and Benefits

Job description / workplace
  • Work on IT-related projects that we contract. Lead creative activities with experience, knowledge, and individuality.
  • Our office and our customer's office (* Mainly at our customer's offices in 23 Tokyo wards and Osaka City)
Employment status / salary
  • Permanent employee, fixed-term employee, contractor (payroll closes at the end of the month, salary paid on the 15th of the following month for all types of employment status)
  • Monthly salary based on the payroll regulations (management positions), daily salary, monthly salary (except management positions), hourly wages

Determined every year or quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December) upon notice of condition of employment.

Working hours
  • Working hours shall be 38 hours per week; Mon-Thurs: 8 hours per day, Fri: 6 hours.
  • In principle, working hours start at 9:00 and end at 18:00 but the starting and end times of working hours for each project can be selected.
Travel reimbursement / business trip benefit
  • Basically all travel expenses are reimbursed. For the route between home and workplace (commute), the amount equivalent to a three-month commuter's pass is paid every three months. Other expenses are reimbursed every month.
  • Paid based on the business trip benefit regulations.
Holidays 125 days per year including holidays
Annual leave
  • 100% annual leave spending is recommended.
  • Annual leaves are carried over from the previous position.
  • Labor and Management discuss planned granting of annual leaves and use planned annual leave holidays for summer and New Year's holidays. Regarding one-hour leaves, up to 8 hours can be obtained per year.

Benefits and schemes Subject to the payroll regulations.

  • Position benefit

    Rank benefit - Expert benefit - Special working hours benefit - Business trip benefit - Correnspondence expenses benefit (management positions only)

  • Performance benefit
    • Performance benefit 1 (benefit for achieving own goals)
    • Performance benegit 2 (benefit for achieving company goals: flat rate for all staff)
  • Increased wages
    • Overtime benefit (complete in-house events within regular working hours basically. Overtime work if instructed to participate outside of regular working hours)
    • Holiday shift benefit
    • Late-hour benefit
Incentives Compensation for achievements other than those specified in the employment agreement Eg. Qualification: Qualification benefit + Pay rise guarantee, etc.
Revenue shares Revenue shares allocated for projects (requests) other than those specified in the employment agreement for profit sharing (instructions and work without compensation do not exist).
Welfare package
  • Social security (welfare pension / health insurance), labor insurance (industrial accidents / employment)
  • Regular checkup (Every November) Lifestyle-related disease checkups and health maintenance support program by Kempo available for those aged 40 years or over.
Individual promotions
(support examples)
  • Travel: Holidays are granted and expenses are subsidized for travel purposes for employees for refreshment.
  • Drinking party: Expenses are subsidized to help employees associate with external parties involved.
  • Vaccines: A certain amount of inoculation expenses are subsidized for all employees for disease prevention.
  • Lunch: Expenses are subsidized to encourage spending time with partners regardless of the partner.
  • Refreshment holidays: Up to five special holidays per year for those who work continued overtime.
  • In addition, we provide subsidies at an employee's request.
Childbirth and bereavement benefits Subject to the Childbirth and Bereavement Benefits regulations.
Training A budget of 1-2 million yen is secured per year, employees must apply on their own. / Approved by discussing it with staff in most cases. Totally up to employees.