Offer Pragmatism with Integrity.

Connections with Companies / People Abroad

Japan, a country you are unfamiliar with. You, a person that Japan is unfamiliar with.

When it comes to thinking about business, there is a well-known analogy in Japan. If Japanese people landed on a new continent and found a barefoot tribe, they would think,

  • There is no custom to wear shoes among this tribe.
  • None of the members of this tribe have ever worn shoes.

The correct interpretation of this analogy is that both of the above thoughts yielded profits as a result of examination and execution. What is common sense in your country may not be common sense in Japan and vice versa.

There might be business opportunities in cultural gaps. If you can take a small first step with us, it might yield large profits. You can start with a simple exchange of information, for starters.

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Engage in activities that yield profits, not engaging in lip service.

The economy is run by people's greed. It is proven by history that humans pay lip service while hiding their real intentions.

We do not put a strain on others. We do not excel at negotiations, either. We, as a business partner, consider ways for both our customers and us to gain values.

4P = 4C = 4S

We value the business practice of narrowing down. We narrow down the scope of our services to find customers that we can serve.
We only continue with businesses that allow both buyers and sellers to reach an agreement in a way that is not impossible, reckless, or wasteful.

Seller's Perspective
(Rep One)
Buyer's Perspective
What is Needed in Essence?
Product Customer Value Segmentation Products/Services that meet the needs of the customer > Requirements specification
Price Cost Satisfaction Cost performance > Sense of satisfaction
Promotion Communication Sales Improved supply & demand forecasting accuracy > Dialogues
Place Convenience System Continued business partnership > Trust
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