Offer Pragmatism with Integrity.

Passions Regarding Our Style

The ends justify the means.

  • Positions, ranks, and titles

    There are only two categories within the company: management and expert.
    Employees name their positions and titles themselves.

  • Minimal human resources

    There is work so people gather. We do not place work for staff or indecisive, irresponsible management positions. We have staff because we have work.

  • Performance evaluation system

    We have no performance evaluation system.
    Performance evaluations where the criteria vary depending on the person who evaluates are meaningless. Performance evaluations to find reasons not to increase or reduce salaries are also meaningless.
    Advance pay raises prompt achievements. We correct any gaps between an employee’s performance and pay.

  • Reporting system of daily reports

    We have no reporting system.
    Results are to be evaluated based on figures, actual profits, and other achievements, not on poetic, qualitative reports.

  • Achievement rewards

    We only have pay raises as a means to reward achievement.

  • Finances

    The company supports employees by providing funding. We provide individual employees with the funds and resources that cannot be put up as collateral by individuals so that both of us can generate profits.

  • Management system

    We do not rely on the sympathy and virtue of managers.
    We simply prioritize results, reality, actual profits, and abilities.

  • Mobilization of human resources

    We share background, purposes, and reasons.
    We keep cost performance (HR costs) in mind at all times.

  • Drinking parties

    We do not organize drinking parties.
    Reliable relationships are built during working hours without having to resort to alcohol.

  • Training system

    Results will naturally not change if the same person keeps doing the same thing in the same way. We have budgets to allow us to change by themselves.