Offer Pragmatism with Integrity.

Passions Regarding Customers

A company with no aggressive sales that is chosen by customers.

  • Quality rather than quantity

    Our customers are top-ranking corporations with well-mannered staff members.
    As mutual long-term partners, we intelligently provide time-efficient work with our customers.
    We do not serve as intermediaries for companies that simply intend to increase profit margins.

  • Act on failure to receive an order

    Be a good sport about losing.
    ”One can win for mysterious reasons, but cannot lose without a cause.”
    We analyze missed orders and move on to prepare for the next orders with a smile.

  • Our sales style

    We are not too good at sales. We only attract customers online. For a popular restaurant with a long line of customers, There are no favorable location ,vouchers or other sales promotions needed. They just need to serve delicious dishes.

  • One function, one brand

    We do not make comparative proposals to avoid increasing the amount of sunk-costs. We only propose leading manufacturers and brands in the industry.

  • Priority to CRV

    We emphasize on high priority to CRV sales (Customer Recommend-Review Value).
    We do not do business over no trust, no reliability nor values.