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Chart of IT industry

Figure of correlation coefficient of IT corporations in Japan

SIer, a system integrator, plays a major role in Japan, when constructing large-scale IT systems.
How is the relationship with the stakeholders in your country?
End user (customer) places a lump-sum order to SIer or order separately by purpose and scale.

About terms

  • Consulting Firm

    Company dedicated to system planning and requirement definition

  • Soft house

    Company that develops custom software specified for a customer and customizes software manufacturer’s software

  • Software manufacturer
    (Packaging, Service)

    Company that provides self-developed software as a package (product) widely or as an on- line service (on the Internet) and sells software directly / indirectly (via distributor).

  • Hardware manufacturer

    Company that manufactures hardware such as servers, computers, storage, and networks and sells them directly / indirectly (via distributor)

  • System Operation and maintenance Company

    Company that operates a system in use (maintenance, addressing malfunctions) and performs modifications

  • Data center

    Company that manages a sturdy dedicated facility for a customer for setting up and operating self-developed equipment