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Our Business Domain

Our two current business zones

Japanese business custom of “Sales channels”

We have “Sales channels,” a unique hierarchical structure in Japan.

  1. A hierarchical structure for large-scale client projects is such that a large IT company primarily undertakes a project, followed by downstream companies, Tier 2, 3, and 4, sharing roles and thereby creating a scale.

  2. A specified IT company dedicated to a certain project directly undertakes a small project.

The hierarchical structure guarantees the scale of projects. The structure may change in the digital era with cloud technology, as well as owing to globalization.

Our two current business zones

We started establishing business relationships with foreign companies and manpower based on our core competence. Further related developments are under consideration

  • Zone 1 Human resource business

    IT engineer staff employment agency
    Providing project information targeting IT engineers

  • Zone 2 IT dealer

    Direct service for small projects and clients

Our business zones by tier

Our business zones by scale