Offer Pragmatism with Integrity.

Our Opinion & forecast

People see and hear only what they want.

For-profit activities of small and medium-sized businesses like our company seem to have nothing to do with countries and industries with large-scale markets. However, we fail to take the situation in perspective if we only consider comfortable lip service and processed numbers and reasons spread in the world.

Flowery words have strings attached.

Taking a cool look at facts and numbers and perceiving the reality are important. We consider trends, focusing on the following four elements.

  1. Object:For what (Target)
  2. Think:How I think (Assumption)
  3. Reason:Because (Numbers)
  4. Action:Therefore I do or  I would like you to do (Action)

We consider the flow of comprehensive society and industries, representing numbers and sources. This page will be irregularly updated, showing the company’s announcements.

As a precondition, “Japanese society, economy, culture, and money” rank in the world’s strongest class. However, there are problems with past issues and future productivity.

We have no need to think pessimistically even if being induced by media and the characteristics of Japan. We can believe in fine customs (various forces such as characteristics, culture, structure, finance, economy, product power, and serviceability).

However, in the present day, the nation's high-growth period has ended, and we need to make time for creating a system and manufacturing for the next generation, sorting out the past logically and reasonably.
For example, automobiles with an internal combustion engine will be discontinued in Germany in 2030. Whether we like it or not, the world is changing.

In short, we need to change the existing rules, Industry > Business> Business rules, and prepare for future changes in the world.

Major Object

What can we do further as a recruitment agency and small-sized dealer? How do we do it?
We focus on numbers and current hints.


We think of the future, looking at the past products and facts, as well as the present, and the numbers.

The present is the accumulation of the past, the future is the accumulation of the present.

A human is the same as above.
One’s 20s are made by what is done in the teens.
One’s 30s are made by what is done in the 20s.

Efforts are rewarded.