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Japanese have a lot of Brands.


Hi,long long time no see. It's been over 1 year since we met last.

How was your these days. before I knew it,Osaka has changed a lot.

Do you know Grand Front Osaka?

grand front 1.JPGIt used be just yard whitch was reconstructed by many major companies with Tokyo's Hi-sense.It has a big landscape in front of Osaka Station.grand front 10.JPG

It doesn't look like typical Osaka plant. It is one of the most famous plant in Osaka.
1st Anniversary event has taken there,I report it.

The event featured KITTY. KITTY is known by the world.Many artist decolated KITTY with their own feel.

grand front 8.JPG


grand front 3.JPG

grand front 2.JPG

grand front 5.JPG

Sadly,the event was already closed.

I hope Osaka city will be developed which is different from Tokyo as other cities. 
Japanese has a lot of brand,product,and more.

But Almost ALL Japanese may not have a proud of it.
because we are not good at expressing them in English.

But I believe Japan is a great country for the future of world.
I think AlLL Japanese had a more proud of us in the near future.
English is very important tool for it.

grand front 4.JPG