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We will give you good recommendation to the whole world according to our seeing listening tasting feeling by our own experience . Maybe those good recommendation can not been found by guidebooks.




Japanese like mushroom.

Hi,This is Uncle Circle.

Today is Friday.What your schedule in this weekend ?
I suggest the plan.

Do you like mushrooms ?

There are many kinds of mushroom in Japan.
there are also many ways to cook mushroom.

Why don't you go to the BBQ in the wood.

you can grill mushroom and eat just after you pick them up.

The mushroom is very juicy and chewy.

Go with your family and enjoy in the forest.

I'm sure you will have warm mood


Information of this place.

Please refer to this link.
Map is here.




Do you like owls?

Hi This is Aphro.

Summer is coming.

owls mean symbol of knowledge.

there is famous Japanese noodle restaurant in nanba.

There are many famous people autograph at that shop.



there are many kinds of japanese noodle in that shop.

such as with tepura fish eggs and eggs.


The picture of owl is on the tea cup.

are u a night owl or an early bird?

the restaurant runs late at night.

1-14-17higashishisabashi chooku osaka city osaka.




Fast eating Fast void is one of the good thing In Japan.

Hi,This is uncle circle.
It's been long time since i met you last.


Japanese doesn't have long rest as Europe and US.There is no time for taking a nap , drinking but starting to work again quickly.

There are some restaurant you may eat while stand.
Japanese noodles is one of the popular meal for japanese.

I will introduce some delicious restaurants to u three times in row.

First.HANSHIN Railway at NODA station called Ebisuya with thin noodles and ginger.


I like this restaurant.
you may stand while you are eating !




Mochi is stamina food.

character_04.jpgHi,This is Uncle Circle.

Do you know 'Mochi'?

In Japan,Almost everyone think  'Mochi' is powerfully and happy food.

Mochi made by specialty rice.Knead the rice.
There are many variations which eating Mochi .
We put a sweet inside it, or sprinkle a sweet.

Particularly called 'Ichigo-Daifuku' which has strawberry inside it.

It looks so delicious.Isn't it?




First Golf Course Built in Japan Founded 1903

Hi, This is Aphro.

Do you play golf ? I introduce the first golf course built in Japan.

Kobe is the Birth place of Japanese culture and products .Such as Soccer .coffee lemonade marathon Karaoke and aslo.The first golf course started from Kobe.

Its called Kobe Golf club which is located in Mountain Rokko.
Its started by an English businessman in 1903.

sky1.JPGI think this is SKY GOLF course.

Because we can feel the beautiful nature when are playing Golf .and We can aslo see the clear sky and lovely town under your eyes.

sky0.JPGOf course .the staff there are very kind,too.


Golf if not a simple sport in Japan.There are some different customs between Japan and other countires.
The golf fee is not cheap.

sky3.JPGThe essence of Golf maybe here.




Let's take a deep breath in the forest.

character_04.jpgHi.This is Uncle Circle.
Long time no see. These days I have to a lot of work.
I focus on it.

The working time in the city  passes so quickly.but I know a place can surprise you.

Thats forest plants garden.
it takes 20 minutes from 10001.JPGSannomiya stiation by car.





The entrance fee is just 300 yen per person.Because its made by public.

Lets go to picnic!!
I really want to send my day like that.




I learn from woods.

To see a tree but woods.

How about you ?




Are you working with a smile?

character_28.jpgHi,This is Aphro.

These days.I think many desk workers are using too much computers.and show their happy faces less and less.
I think it is very important to smile for our life as a human being.

So this time,I will introduce to you Adventure World in Shirahama.This facility which located in Shirahama town of Wakayama prefecture has zoo ,aquarium and amusement park.

aws.JPGThe most famous are giant pandas.
The number of pandas is No.1 of the world except China.and the Dolphin and Penguins are very famous here, the breeding of Penguins is very successful too.

panda.JPGBaby pandas.

girraf.JPGyou can feed elephants or  giraffes very near.


Recently,There are many amusement parks and theme parks are closed in Kansai.However, The Adventure World is keeping running for over 30 years.

There are a lot of difficulties since Adventure World opened .But all the staff are trying their best and making a great efforts to make it better and better.

Why Adventure World is so popular?
I think thats because everyone smiles there. When you stay with anmials and nature ,you can be so relax and be one part of it which can not be felt by computers or TVs.


Do you smile these days?

smile.JPGI recommend you should go to Night Marine Live when Summer or Golden weeks. I am sure you will be touched by the beautiful view and dolphin shows.
Please go and have a look by yourself one day.

the smile of staff




Do u know 'DOYA-GAO'

character_04.gifHi.This is Uncle Circle.

What DOYA-GAO mean?
GAO means face in Japanese.

In Japan.when people says 'thats so yummy!'They are so proud of the food and their work they make .and show a self-confident face.

'It is so yummy,Im so great,right?'
'yeah ,It is so are so good at cooking.'

People always talk like this to show their self-confident .pretty cute,right?

shop_inside.JPGI will introduce to you a restaurant which is near Utsubo Park of Osaka ,like a sunflower.In that restaurant, both owner and customers are always show a happy face.

combi.JPGThe left is Mr .Takeshi . The right is Miss .Mari.She is a singer also can play the piano.a very charming lady.

In fact He is not olny the father of the bar ,but also a famous designer,producer and a teacher and SUSHI-chef and sommelier.

sushi_aji.JPGHe gets all people get-together,all people of different jobs.


His 'DOYA-Face'.

He is the man who has a gold heart and lovely smile like many Osaka people.

I like his DOYA-FACE.


When he is happy ,He will sing many songs .He is very good at Italian songs.
So I recommend a and w.Here are many delicious food and wine which you will never forget .

shop_inside2.JPGHere is also a ground piano. you can sing a song anytime if you want.
So here are many customers from all over the world.They are enjoying wine,art and music.

Why dont you go and have a look by yourself ?

- Super Dining Space -
 Art and Wine
  tel and fax,06-6449-5811
  Osaka-city Nishi-ku Kyomachibori
  1-15-7 Osaka-Itakura-Bld first floor




Mecca of Japanese baseball

character_28.gifHi,This is Aphro.

Do you know Koshien?
It is a baseball filed .it is also the Mecca of Japanese baseball,Professional baseball team Hanshin Tigers.

In Japan, the baseball congresses of High school  are very popular .There are two biggest congresses of Spring and Summer which are broadcasted by TV .

This is maybe different from other countries.Who is good at baseball will be the hero of Japan.Many people in Japan like watching baseball. especially over 40s. So you can see how big effection of TV.The Young generations prefer soccer or other sports.

koshien_01.JPGDo you like baseball?
As you might know that a baseball game was originated in the U.S.

However, the manners and styles of cheering games in Japan
have differently and uniquely developed and evolved from those
in the U.S.

koshien_02.JPGOne example of the unique cheering manners in Japan is that every
professional baseball players in every team has his own rooters' song
and when he is at bat, his fans sing his song all together with playing drums and trumpets.

Among 12 teams in the Japan professional baseball league,
Hanshin Tigers has exceptionally enthusiastic and fanatic fans in
the manners how they cheer Tigers' players.
koshien_03.JPGTalking about the Koshien stadium, Tigers' home ground, is always occupied with Tigers' fans 80 percent or more of its capacity, and in the bottom of seventh inning before they are at bat, all the Tigers' fans fly huge numbers of colorful balloons at the same time.It's really an unbelievably fantastic scene and it's a must to see.

Another example of attractions for spectators in the Koshien Stadium is that beer and drinks are sold by solely young and cute women.The vendors work as a part-time basis, and they walk around spectators' seats while the game is on. It seems that beer can definitely sell well by young women for baseball fans of Hanshin Tigers .
At all times, it's really a unique and unexpected experience for you, so why don't you go there to watch the game and enjoy such special atmosphere there?




Food cultural difference

Hi.this is Uncle Circle.
What is food cultural difference between Japanese and foreigners? The typical Japanese food are:

1,Sushi ,Sashimi

and so on. Mybay many foreigners will say

1,dead fish raw fish !?
2,beef with rice !?
3,subway pizza !?

but , Please try those food by yourself.
Japanese could mix France, Italy ,Chinese,Korean, indian food and so on with Japanese food .and make popular delicious special Japanese food .

For example ,there are many these kinds of Japanese restaurants in a place called TENMA. That's area is north of Tenma station.
If you have chance ,Please go to these restaunts by yourself , I am sure that will be a great experience for you. 


tenma street

honmaya.JPGhonma ya
Japanese tuna restaurant
"Honma ya"

menu_h.JPGhonma ya 's menu. so valuable


wine stand @ back alley
"Luv wine"

glass.JPGcan drink wine and delicious foods.